Official Website of Almukantarat Astronomy Club

Oficjalna Strona Klubu Astronomicznego Almukantarat


Everyone may become a club member. They need to sign declaration of membership and find two club members who agree to introduce them. The entire process ends by a positive opinion of Club Council, which admits new members — as it is written in our charter.

In the most common way the members offer club membership to somebody in order to allow them to popularize astronomy among young people and to help them learn more about science.

Below is the most recent list of club members. In order to obtain more detailed information about them and about our friends, you can visit our address database R2D2.

Honorary members

  • Tadeusz Rzepecki
  • Marek Szczepański
  • Piotr Życki
  • Grzegorz Wardziński
  • Marcin Marszałek
  • Krzysztof Roszkowski
  • Wojciech Warkocki

Ordinary members

    The database is in the castle of Aaaaarghhhh.